The overall teaching programs of HEC are endorsed by “ The American Hotel and Lodging Educational Institute” (AHLEI).

 This Institute, founded in 1953 by the “American Hotel and Lodging Association” (AHLA), is recognized worldwide as being the principal leader in the field of teaching and professional training for international hotel management. The Educational Institute is the international hallmark of excellence in tourism and hospitality management education. It represents the highest standard of achievement for tourism & hospitality schools worldwide.

EI is recognised by the “Department of Education” and accredited by “The American Council of Education ACE.”



The Hospitality Management Diploma is an official Professional Diploma delivered directly by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI). As a Professional Diploma, the student does not need any specific academic background or requirement to register in.

HEC Marbella offers this Diploma in a one year program based on 12 main subjects selected by AHLEI in order to give the essential knowledge to access middle management positions in the Hospitality Industry. By completing this program and additionally to this Official Diploma, the student will receive an individual certification of completion delivered by AHLEI for each of the 12 subjects and a framed certificate in Rooms Division Management Specialization.



  • The lodging and food service industry.
  • Marketing in the hospitality industry.
  • Hospitality industry financial accountin. 
  •  Management of F&B operations.
  •  Supervision in the hospitality industry.
  •  Hospitality facilities management & design.
  •  Management front office operations. 
  •  Managing housekeeping operations.
  •  Security & loss prevention management. 
  •  Managing service n F&B operations. 
  •  Training & development for the hospitality industry.
  •  Managing Techonolgy in the hospitality industry. 
  •  Basic french. 
  •  Basic spanish. 
  •  Medium french or medium spanish. 
  •  Service techniques.


The Associate Diploma in Hospitality Management is an associate undergraduate diploma delivered by HEC Marbella as Global Academic Partner of the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) for Spain. It is open to students age of 18 or over who completed the AHLEI Hospitality Management Diploma additionally to a full secondary education. A six months (or two times three months ) intership is also required to complete the academic program.

The program is also open to students coming from other Business and/or Hospitality Schools. On an individual basis, the Academic Department will analyze each case in offers an “á la carte” program of completion function of previous credits gained by the student.

By completing this program additionally to the AHLEI Hospitality Management Diploma in HEC Marbella (two full academic years exclusively in HEC Marbella), the student will receive a framed certificate from AHLEI in Accounting and Financial Management Specialization as well as a AHLEI Certification in Hospitality Industry Analytics (CHIA).


  • Revenue management max. rev. in hosp. operation
  • Accounting for hospitality managers 
  • Computer (1) opera 
  • Computer (2) excel 
  • Food safety: managing with HACCP system 
  • Planning & control for F&B operations 
  • Fundamentals of destination management & marketing 
  • Hotels organization& Administration
  • World of resorts: from development to management 
  • Purshcasing for food service operations
  • International & european hospitality law (1)
  • Medium french or medium spanish 
  • Advanced french 
  • Advanced spanish 
  • Final paper work