If you have a master degree and a minimum of five years of experience in managerial or supervision level, you are eligible to start our DBA program and to become a Doctor in Business Administration. 

During the program, you will have to work toward reflection, to create knowledge from your own experience and/or research and to publish the result of your work.

 The DBA program is very flexible: you may start when you want and manage it in function of your own rhythm. It’s mostly online and off campus allowing you to work remotely from your residence or working location.

During the first period, you will learn how to conduct research (methodology, types of research, schemes,…) and how to chose your thesis subject.

A second step period will be dedicated to data collection under the supervision of your mentor.
You will also have the opportunity to publish articles in academic and scientific magazines.
The last year, you will write your thesis and defend it in front of a university jury.

Meetings and video conferences will be scheduled with your mentor (thesis director) and with university professors holding a doctorate degree. 

The overall DBA programs of HEC Hospitality is accredited by the International Scientific Council.