The purpose of our original educational approach is to provide a serious, solid, and by now, proven alternative to the traditional system. And perhaps to provoke an “out-of-the-box” thinking that is highly beneficial to both students and their future employers.

Our methodology, based on case studies and highly qualified visiting professors, not only differentiates itself by its higher academic level that is achieved during the program, but also, and more importantly, by additional “Significant Learning” aspects: Students immediately get to apply their newly acquired learnings in a real, “live” business environment. 

Through this integration of academic and professional challenges, we can literally watch how student´s eyes are opened, how their chip is changed and they begin to see the relevance of the academic concepts, tools and insights. And because they get to live their acquired learnings, an emotional connection is formed in their brains that has three key advantages:

It provides an unparalled source of enthusiasm and motivation from inside-out.

It widens and deepens the learnings.

It strengthens and sustains the learnings, as the personal experience moves the learnings from the short-term to the long-term memory. 

This methodology of integrating the academic and professional environments is systemic, meaning that it starts from seemingly minor details such as determining the dress code to be business-like, anobligation (or rather: honor code) to behave professionally at all times, classes in small groups of up to fifteen students around a meeting room table instead of the old-style classroom configuration, propriertary case studies that illustrate problems of the “real” Hospitality world instead of following academic book chapters, teaching methods that are not one-sided monologues of the leturers, but instead a way to guide the students to new insights. And in the proffessional context a high level of integration and involvement with the businesses that channel real interactions during meetings into operating decisions.

This way, we close the loop between theory and practice and enable students to have a better, deeper and wider understanding of the links between academic concepts and the rality.


The Bachelor Degree of Business Administration in International Hospitality (BBA) is a Business School level (undergraduate university level) degree delivered by HEC Marbella as Global Academic Partner of the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) for Spain. It is open to student ages of 18 or over who completed the AHLEI Hospitality Management Diploma and the HEC Associate Diploma in Hospitality Management additionally to a fully secondary education. An additional three months (total of 9 months for the whole academic curriculum) internship is also required to complete the academic program.

The program is also open to student coming from other Business and/or Hospitality Schools with an official 2-years Associate Diploma as minimum requirement.



  • Accounting ( revision ) 
  •  Personal development & leadership 
  •  Business negotiation 
  •  High impact communication 
  •  Strategic marketing 
  •  Finance and taxes
  •  Law 
  •  Business modeling for optimization 
  •  Reserach methods
  •  Introduction to economics & politics 
  •  Dissertation
  •  Specialization in SME Management or
  •  Specialization in Finance or
  •  Specialization in Luxury Management.


The MBA in International Hospitality is a Business School level (postgraduate university level) degree delivered by HEC Marbella as Global Academic Partner of the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) for Spain. It is open to students ages of 18 or over who successfully completed BBA or a BA in International Hospitality in a recognized Hospitality School.


  • E-commerce 
  •  Sales & Negociations 
  •  Staff Management 
  •  Multicultural Management 
  •  Tourism 
  •  Company culture & identification
  •  Labor law 
  •  Advanced financial management 
  •  International tax purposes 
  •  Company evaluation 
  •  Advanced hotel management
  •  Specialization in SME Management or
  •  Specialization in Finance or 
  •  Specialization in Luxury Management
  •  Integrated Project/ project management 
  •  Internship/ Advanced Project Management