HEC Marbella offers the largest variety of hospitality degrees in Spain and in affiliated campus. Our academic programs include undergraduate degrees (one, two and three- years Diplomas and Bachelor Degrees), postgraduate degrees (one or two years MBA, specialized Masters and three years DBA), Professional Certifications for every hospitality department and staff level (from line-staff-level to General Management), seminars and workshops.


Our programs fully comply with the general objectives of the Bologna Agreements which broadly aim to facilitate the construction of a “European Higher Education Space”. From the moment when they were signed, we have applied the principles of the agreements, including the implementation of the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System – ECTS.

Bachelor (3×60=180 Credits)

Master (2×60=120 Credits)

Doctorate (3×60=180 Credits)

The number of hours per year is based on the ECTS criteria in the form of a numerical value allocated to each course unit (for a total of 60). They reflect the quantity of work each course unit requires in relation to the total quantity of work necessary to complete a full year of academic study at the institution that is, lectures, practical work, seminars, tutorials, fieldwork (internships), private study and examinations or other assessment activities. 

The grading system is based on the adequacy of the institutional grading system and the ECTS promoted by the European Community (Bologna Declaration).