In HEC Marbella we do not consider memorizing pages and books as learning. Indeed, our educational model is based on involving our students’ curiosity and intellect. Our education approach is based on flexibility, personalized service and interaction.

We use real and practical cases as well as lecturer’s experience in order to train how to solve real problems and to think on a creative way.


In HEC Marbella we do not believe a student is “just a number”, we believe it is the main factor for our success and it is our responsibility to guide each and everyone of our students towards success. We acknowledge the unicity of each and believe in adjusting our teaching methods. Our team of professionals is known for its interest on each student’s personal development. HEC Marbella strives to deliver a unique educational model based on what YOU need.

“All our students are diamonds in the rough that we have to convert into a polished star-cut diamond.””

Stephane Demaeght de Montalay.


As most knows, flexibility is the most needed skill for a business to succeed. At HEC Marbella, we understand the necessity of leading by example, and we are ready to go the extra mile for each and everyone of our students when we need be. We apply an “open-door” policy which we extend to our students. Indeed, we value the rapport between our management, teachers, and each individual within the structure.

HEC Marbella uses a Participative approach, involving each actor in the school´s success.


We too often hear students complain about the lack of “real-life situations” shared within the classroom, and/or their redundancy: At HEC, we strive to provide our students with the most adequate and up-to-date knowledge of the industry.

For this matter, HEC Marbella makes it a point of honor to have as many visiting teachers actively working within the industry, as possible. Whether they are renowned consultants, or Internship Supervisors, we believe they allow our students to have a certain insight, and help prepare them better for the future challenges they will be facing as hoteliers